Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday

I hate Mondays. Always have, always will.

Especially today, when I learned that prednisone and the garbage disposal don’t mix.

Here’s the story, which just proves that there was no way I was going to win this fight.

So, as I went to take my medication, 2 of my prednisone fell. One I found, even though it fell onto a white counter. The other I couldn’t find, but I knew that it bounced off of (or into) the back of my coffee maker.

I decided to shake out the coffee maker over the sink, thinking it would be easier to see if the pill fell out onto a silver surface than a white one.

Well, I saw it, all right. I saw it pop out of the back of the coffee maker and proceed to roll directly into the garbage disposal.

I was able to see the pill in the garbage disposal, attempted to get it with my hand, then a spoon, and then, two spoons, which, rather than rescuing the pill, proceeded to crush it into oblivion.
Then, just for good measure, I turned on the garbage disposal, to make sure that I finished the job.

Unfortunately for me, since I’m tapering right now, I only got 1 prescription (with no refills) for the exact amount of 1mg pills I would need.

Assuming I don’t manage to destroy anymore of them, it should be okay, though.

The thing is, I’ve always thought that these spills were too small, anyway. I’ve decided that I’m a big fan of – colorful pills, capsules, and pills that aren’t flat and round – pills that are easy to see and get your grip on, just in case you happen to land one in the garbage disposal on a Monday morning.

I just really needed to get that off my chest!

Happy Monday!

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