Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Worlds

Essentially, those of us who experience chronic illness are caught between two worlds.
We are part of the world of the healthy and a part of the world of the sick.

For some, it is easier to inhabit the world of the healthy, for others they only inhabit that world in appearance only. And yet for others, they have been forever robbed of their chance to live, but even for a moment, in that world.

And most all of us join the world of the sick unwillingly. And one day we find ourselves fitting in better with “that” crowd. They relate to us. They understand. They are our lives personified.

We crave to be part of the world of the healthy, but we know we fall short on expectation.

And when we feel we don’t fit in either world, it is often easier to inauspiciously reside in our own heads.

It is loneliness, at its most painful and most useful.

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