Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do We Really Fight Diseases?

I know that the concept of “fighting” diseases is merely a figure of speech.

But it is one that comes to define personality types in the world of illness.

Either you’re a fighter or you’re not.

But are we fighting disease?

Or are we really fighting ourselves?

I think many in the chronic illness world would agree with me that we don’t much often feel in control of our own bodies.

I don’t feel very much like I’m fighting a disease. I swallow down medication every morning and evening, at exact times, an exacting regimen. But that is not me fighting. That is the medication working. That is my doctor telling me what to do.

To me, fighting would be to put my foot down, not take the medication, and attempt to move on with my life.

But I have a feeling that I would prove the lesser opponent in that battle and I would not win.

But right now, I’m fighting the battle to survive, but that’s not really a fight, it’s reality.

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