Friday, April 25, 2008



Will you recognize me when the day is done, when the journey is over?
Will you be able to see beyond what time has done to my face?
Will you remember the person that I once was and will you want to know the person I’ve become?
Time heals all wounds, but makes us strangers to ourselves
We climb mountains and stumble on solid ground
We think we’re immortal and yet a tiny part of us dies everyday
Life is full of contradictions, things that we believe even though they don’t make sense

I’ve been becoming more and more introspective lately and I’ve been writing a fair amount of poetry. I don’t know if you could call it good, but I figured I would start posting some of it on here.

I guess I’ve been realizing, as is evidenced by the title of my blog, that life is full of contradictions. And I guess it’s not so much what we do with the contradictions, but how we react to them – whether we laugh or cry, fight or flight, etc., etc.

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