Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everyone's A Doctor

Why is it that people are so free with their opinions when you’re sick? Don’t get me wrong, there are certain people that I want/need an opinion from. However, all of this makes me realize that people aren’t always tactful.

Would you tell a cancer patient who is having chemotherapy that they’ve lost their hair?

I didn’t think so…

So why, then, is it necessary to tell me that my face has rounded?

I’m on steroids. I know!

Did anyone ever stop to think that I might be self-conscious about it?

Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe I just don’t care because I am trying to get better here and a filled-out face is really, truly the least of my worries?

People can truly be cruel and caddy. I can only imagine what has been said about me behind my back over the past few months. I know the things that have been said about other people when they’ve been acting weird, so I can only imagine what people have said about my changing appearance and sometimes-strange behavior.

But you know what?

Do me a favor. The next time you’re wondering…


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