Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our First Place

I am super excited to finally share with you our apartment that is finally put together.  I shared pictures of the space when it was empty, and now I'm sharing pictures of it all done - until I come up with another project.  

Now on to the virtual tour.

This is what you see when you first walk in the door.  We have this cute little bar which doubles as storage for a lot of our cooking stuff since the space in the kitchen is limited.

This is a place to throw bags and is decorated with scrapbook frames that I made.

Right hand side of the kitchen.

Left hand side of the kitchen.

A's knife contraption.

 Kitchen art.

Living room and dining room.

Living room and dining room.

 Living room and dining room.

 Dining room and bookshelves.


Bathroom art.

Bathtub and towels.  I like feeling like I live in a hotel, so I am anal about towel folding, much to A's chagrin.

Bed and accent wall that I created.

My dresser.

Well, that's that.  I am so glad I finally got the chance to share this with all of you.  Moving seems to take more time, energy, and money than you originally anticipate, and this post was no different!


  1. Leslie, what a charming, cozy new home! Very smart and sophisticated, and I love your use of color. You're very creative!

    Also, I just love the matched set of rubber duckies. ;o)

  2. Your first place is always very special and all the extra touches you've put into it will make it that much more special. Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations, it's lovely. You will always remember your first place with special memories. May it bring wellness and many blessings.

  4. Lovely apartment! Congratulations!

  5. Very nice. The colors/composition of living room and dining area are really nice. I particularly like the duo coffee table/storage/sitting pieces.

    1. Thanks, RA Guy! My mom would be very disappointed that I figured everything out by eye rather than measuring. Maybe in my next life I'll be an interior decorator. For now it is just a pricey hobby!