Monday, May 19, 2014

PFAM Transitions Edition

For this month’s edition of PFAM, I asked chronic illness bloggers about how they cope with transition. 

This topic is apropos to me for a variety of reasons, which I’ll get to at the end of this post.  But first, here are the great submissions for this month.

Some posts wrote more about general transitions:

Migrainista Emily discusses many of the transitions that her life has seen over the last eight years, and offers some tips about how to cope with transitions, in the post, 5Lessons I’ve Learned For Coping With Transitions.

Lupus Rhythms’ Talencia talks about how everyday is a transition as she copes with her recent diagnosis, in the post, Transitional Thoughts. 

Cass, of the blog The Wolf and Me, suggests that for her, transitions are anything that deviates from her normal routine.  But she has learned to cope with transitions by planning ahead.  She discusses this and more in the post, How do you cope with transitions? 

Duncan Cross talks about how he feels he copes well with transitions because he enjoys change, which he thinks has helped him in dealing with chronic illness, in the post, Coping with transitions.

And some posts were more about specific transitional events:

In a really poignant piece titled Exposed, Maria of My Life Works Today, writes about what it’s like to go from being a lupus patient to being a cancer patient, and how her experience with lupus helped her with this new diagnosis.

Maureen Kaech of the blog Day by Day with my Adrenals writes about how despite many of the transitions that she has experienced in her life, finding herself with an empty nest has been the hardest, in her post, How do I Deal with Transition?

Sometimes, it is Lupus’ Iris Carden talks about many of the transitions – both good and bad – that come with moving, homeownership, and chronic illness, in the post, A Moving Experience.

In my post, Am I A Bad Patient Or Do I Have Bad Doctors?: When Is It Time To Dump Your Doc?, I write about the transition of finding new doctors when you move, and the difficulties that surround that. 

Transition was an appropriate theme for this edition of PFAM, because as I said in the call for submissions post, I am stepping aside as the administrator of PFAM and Duncan Cross, who started it all, is taking it over again.

I was so honored when Duncan asked me to take it over when his life got too busy to do it, but things have slowed down for him and picked up for me.  So PFAM is back in his capable hands.    

Duncan will be hosting next month’s PFAM, and you can view the call for submissions here. 

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  1. Thank you for reading my post! I shall enjoy reading through the other posts today! Much love to you and hope you are well xx