Friday, November 15, 2013

Patients For A Moment: What Do You Do When You Can’t Keep Up Edition

This month, I asked people what they do when they can’t keep up.  I didn’t submit this month for that very reason, but there are some great posts from people who did:

Iris Carden from, Sometimes, it is Lupus, asks the question, “when did I last keep up with anyone or with anything?” in the post Not Keeping Up.  She makes a good point that we can’t beat ourselves up, and that for a lot of us with chronic illness, not keeping up has become a way of life.

Rachel, of Fluted Cups and Ampersands, in the post, Keeping Up, refers to herself as a Lifetime Original Movie, and suggests that she deals with falling behind just as she does any other negative emotion.

Duncan cross hints at the deeper meaning of this month’s question, which is the intangible, emotional aspects of what it means when you can’t keep up, in the poignant post, I Grieve.

From Lifestyles of the Ill and (Mostly) Blameless, Shruti talks about what life is like now that she has gone back to school, and the time suck that comes from balancing school and managing chronic illness, in the post Breathing Underwater.  I can totally relate!
The last line of Ms. Rants’ post, Handling the “too much”, says it all: “Instead, I do what I can to have the best life that I can within those limitations,” over at the blog Chronic Rants. 

Barbara Kivowitz, of In Sickness As In Health, talks about having illness post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  When her pain increases, she goes to a place of never and always, in the post, When It Just Gets To Be Too Much.  While I think it is important to try to not operate at extremes, it’s hard to stay rational when the pain comes flooding back.

In the post, Strategies for Coping During Crazy Times, Migrainista Emily offers practical suggestions, such as asking for help, in times when you can’t keep up. 

Abigail Cashelle, over at Hidden Courage, who is going through several life changes,  also offers up practical tips, in the post, PFAM November 13: When You Feel Like Giving Up.

Jamie Valendy, Chronic Migraine Warrior, offers a poem, in the post, When Everything Is Just Too Much.

Thanks to all who submitted posts for this month.

If you didn’t submit a post but have a related one, please feel free to link it in the comments – only related posts, though, please.

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  1. Really great posts this month! I submitted a post but I'm not sure it was received.

    All the best!

  2. @RArainbow, your submission got spammed so I didn't see it until your comment here.