Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Patients For A Moment: Scrapbooking Your Illness(es) Edition

For this edition of Patients For A Moment, I did things a little bit differently, and asked people to scrapbook your illnesses.

This edition of PFAM is sadly sparse, but I know it is a busy time of year, so I appreciate the people that took the time to take on my scrapbooking challenge. 

Brittney, from The Road I’m On, got creative with her computer collaging skills, and shared with us a pictorial summation of the year, in her post PFAM 2011.

Selena, from OhMy Aches And Pains!, also put her computer scrapbooking skills to work, in the very colorful post, Wordless Wednesday: Beat Hepatitis C???.

Since this whole thing was my idea, I preferred to keep it old school scrapbooking style, and also provided a written description along with my scrapbook page, in my post, Scrapbooking My Illness(es).  

Thanks Brittney and Selena for rising to the challenge!

If you have something you would like to share, but didn’t make the deadline, feel free to post a link to it in the comments section of this post. 

And if you would like some professional guidance with imagery, check out my friend Maria, and the Wellness Discovery Sessions, that she offers at My Life Works Today!

The next edition of PFAM will be hosted again by me, and will go live, with the new format for 2012, on January 15th.  I think I will be bringing back the year in review edition.  Watch out for more information about that coming around the 1st of the year.     


  1. I am one of the late submitters~ I want to thank you for mentioning the Discovery Sessions, Leslie. I did one for your PFAM edition, to show a little more about what they are...which you may recognize from doing one yourself!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and I'm looking foward to sharing 2012 with you!

  2. I didn't get notice about the blog carnival at all. sorry. Laurie from