Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"My Life As I Know It ... Right Now (An Unconventional Poem)"

I am burning through my SPF 50 sunscreen
I think I am allergic to the rain
I take 11 pills a day... Count them... 11
My hair is falling out...
I thought this, but my sister assured me when we were at the hairdresser getting hair cuts and she told me that my hair was clogging up the drain
I don’t have much of an appetite
The fluorescent lights in my office give me a headache
My head is foggy and I can’t concentrate on anything but trying to compose a thought
I’m so nauseous and dizzy, I get stopped in my tracks... I can’t distinguish the ceiling from the floor
My body seems to know only two temperatures – Too cold and too hot
I am still sporting a bruise from blood I had drawn nearly three weeks
My patience is wearing thin
I hate looking in the mirror
I am sick of bumps in the road
I am tired of being tired all the time
I wish I felt my age instead of feeling like I’m 80 when I’m only 22
But of course, things could always be worse...
So they tell me, and I try to believe...

This is the poem that I submitted for the “Creative Corner” of “Lupus Now”. I highly recommend checking out the other stories and poems that are posted there.


  1. I just wanted you to know that you have a reader out here that really appreciates your blogs. I myself do not have lupus, but my mother does, and your poetry really helped me to understand what she goes through each day. Although she has had lupus since she was 15, In my 24 years I have never really been able to comprehend what it feels like for her.

    Thanks so much for these. Would you mind if I printed out your poems and gave them to her in a book for Christmas? I'd give you full credit, of course.

  2. Vac513, I apologize for never getting back to you about this. I apparently hadn't set up comment notification for this blog, and only noticed there was a comment when I went to post something new. If you still would like to use the poem, you are welcome to. So sorry about this!