Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Lemonade Award

While I hadn’t planned on posting again this week until Rosalind Joffe’s Virtual Book Tour for “Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend” stops by Getting Closer to Myself (GCTM) on Friday, Maureen Hayes from Being Chronically Ill Is A Pill has graciously awarded GCTM yet again, this time with the Lemonade Award.

According to Maureen’s blog, “This award is given to blogs demonstrating a [n] attitude of gratitude.”

While I’m very appreciative of this award, I’m going to monkey with tradition a bit here and provide ten things that I’m thankful for, instead of awarding this to ten other blogs. The reason for this is because several of the blogs Maureen awarded along with GCTM, I would have awarded also (it’s not that there aren’t others that deserve it, or that I don’t read that many blogs! – truthfully, I’m pretty strapped for time at the moment), and because it’s almost Thanksgiving (and what better time to think of things to be thankful for?):

1. My family and friends
2. Days when my pain doesn’t get the best of me
3. People who read my blog other than me
4. Lately, coffee/caffeine
5. The passion I have for my research, which is really the only thing keeping me in grad school these days
6. Random “adventures” with friends that still allow for a little spontaneity in my life
7. Doctor’s appointments schedule at the perfect time, right when I’m at my breaking point
8. A good book (suggestions welcome – I’ve been a little sparse on the “pleasure” reading lately)
9. People that appreciate me for who I am
10. Knowing that there are other people out there like me, even if they aren’t in the same state

I guess that about sums things up right now! I hope it’s okay, Maureen, that I monkey-ed with tradition a bit, and I hope this post is still in keeping with the spirit of the award.

Also, make sure you stop by my other (new-ish) blog, Chronic Illness Creative Energy Project (CICEP) and check out the new things I’ve posted there!


  1. Leslie,

    I think what you've done is exactly in keeping with the spirit of the award and the reason why I awarded you in the first place! After all, what is an attitude of gratitude other than thankfulness!

    I am glad you can always find a way to see the positive, and to share that with others, even when you are in a tough place. It's one of the many things I admire about you.

    I have some reading suggestions, but you need to let me know what genre you like!

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. Dear Leslie, Your thoughts are such a delight. When the book tour is over - I'm going to send my readers to this post! Rosalind

  3. Thanks, Rosalind! Hope the tour is going well. Looking forward to Friday's post :)