Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gifts For Chronically Ill People

RA Guy recently spearheaded the Hope Care Package Exchange.  The rules were simple.  You would have one person assigned to send you a care package, and you would be assigned one person to send a care package to.  There was a $20 to $25 limit on each package.   

I wanted to send a care package that had some fun, but useful, illness related items. 

Here is what I sent in my care package:

“Thank You For Existing Card” Tiny Card – Emily McDowell Studio – (This is the same person who has gotten a ton of press for creating Empathy Cards for those with chronic illnesses)

With the exception of the cards, which I bought online, I bought everything in the care package that I sent at C.O. Bigelow.  They only have one store, which is located in New York, but they also have an extensive website, although it does not include every product that they sell in the store.

I had a lot of fun picking this stuff out.  Honestly, I love giving gifts.  I like making other people happy.  Even when my wallet is running on empty, I get more joy from gifting others than I do from gifting myself.  

Here is what I received in my care package:

This care package came with the following note, as it was sent from Amazon.  

This is actually a great idea.  If you have favorite products you want to share with someone else, and you know exactly what they are, you don’t even have to leave the house.  You can simply go to Amazon, order them, and have them sent directly to the recipient. 

I’ve never tried any of these products, so I am excited to try them!  

I also recently had a chronically ill friend who was hospitalized, so I took a care package to her.  It’s easier to give a care package in person because then you aren’t really limited in the size of what you take, whereas when mailing, shipping has become pretty expensive, so I try to keep those things small. 

I know my friend was interested in adult coloring books, so I took her a coloring book and markers.  I also know that my friend is really into Korean beauty products, so I bought her a few of those, as well.  When assembling care packages to people you know rather than strangers, it’s easier to be a bit more personal and targeted in what you include. 

Tony Moly Hand Cream – I purchased Cocoa scented but could not find online.  My second choice was Peach –

Finally, I currently have a friend going through some significant health challenges.  I wanted to change it up a bit and get her something that was more meaningful than giving her products she could use as she’s going through a lot right now and I didn’t want to overwhelm her or assume that she is knee deep in knowing that she is ill.  I wanted to get something that was inspirational but not religious.  A care package, per se, like the others, didn’t feel quite right in this situation, so I went with: 

I don’t share all of these different things to toot my own horn about the gifts I give.  I did this because I love gifting people, and especially when talking about chronically ill people, I wanted to do something that would brighten each person’s day just a little bit.

And I wanted to give you ideas of what kinds of gifts you could give to the chronically ill people in your life – or even for yourself – for you, from you! 

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  1. These are all great gifts!! Wow!! Thank you for compiling this list -- I know I'm bookmarking it for future reference. :)