Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dear IKEA, Get It Together!

Moving, under the best of circumstances, is a spoon suck.  It’s even more of a spoon suck when things don’t go as planned.

After ordering over $1,200 worth of furniture from IKEA, we ended up realizing that we needed a new bed. 

Neither my boyfriend nor I drive or have licenses, so my boyfriend and his friend rented a truck to move the rest of our stuff, and stopped at IKEA to buy a bed.

Upon opening the bed to put it together, we discovered that a piece was broken.  We immediately called IKEA and they said they would FedEx a replacement part.  Keep in mind, they had a picture that we emailed them of the part and the damage. 

A week later, we received the completely wrong part.  The part we needed was wood and they sent us a metal piece.

Again, we contacted them immediately.  They said our case would be put on high priority.  A week and a half later, we received the correct part, but with even worse damage than the original piece.

We have contacted them via phone and email at least 10 times at this point. 

This has been going on for over a month.  I had hoped that they would rectify this situation on their own. 

I didn’t want to play the illness card, but I’m finally at that point.  We have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for over a month now.  I have lupus and RA.  That’s not great for my joints.

Not to mention that the stress of this situation hasn’t helped health matters either.   

And IKEA just can’t get it together.  I have already told my credit card company that I will not pay the $1,200+ bill until this situation is resolved.  And I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I don’t mess around – and we need a bed! 

In the past, I have had nothing but good experiences with IKEA.  My apartment in Michigan was almost entirely furnished with IKEA products.

But this situation is different.  I shop A LOT.  And this is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. 

I really, really did not want to play the illness card.  But nothing else is working.  And it’s the truth.  This isn’t a healthy situation right now.  And IKEA needs to fix it.

They are not acting in good faith, and they are not standing by their product or their company name. 

Come on, IKEA!  Get it together! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, Leslie. I feel for you. Citing illness isn't "a card;" it's the God's honest truth! My golden rule: Never mess around with sleep! A bad mattress can cause a cascading flare lasting months for me. I've actually been struggling to get my circadian rhythm (& health) back since major pain spikes from extreme stress & this winter weather started...If a bad mattress were in the mix, I'd be truly desperate, as hard as things are right now. It's also frustrating to work so hard (every day, all day) to stay "within perimeters" for basic health, and then to have something disrupting, totally unforeseen, & outside of my control happen. God's honest truth. Most people, however, just can't begin to relate & don't understand that you really do need "X" to be able to function like everyone else. That's not their fault of course; but it can be hard.
    At this breakage rate, however, why not return the darn IKEA bed & get something simple & made of unbreakable, shippable metal? Haha. That leads me to my second (new) golden rule: If something is threatening my health & livelihood, know when to walk away & know when to run... Still working on that though; it's tough to suss out. Yet would be nice to know! ;)