Monday, February 3, 2014

Sabi Folio Pill Case*

I’ve actually been looking for a new pill case for awhile because the one I used before just wasn’t meeting muster.  It was clunky and hard to open.  And blame it on my lupus brain, but there were several times when I mixed up the end, and ended up taking Saturday’s pills instead of Sunday’s or vice versa.  And if you are on a pill that varies, this is a huge problem.

So this one is so out! 

 Sabi is so in! (Pills not included!)  


+ Discrete

+ Sleek design

+ Easy to open

+ Won’t come open on its own

+ I did a shake test, and you can shake the thing around like it’s a maraca, and all of the pills stayed in there respective grooves

+ Can’t get days confused

+ Holds a full week of pills, with a.m. and p.m. grooves for each day

+ When held vertically, looks like one of those fancy notebooks


- Not see through, which means you have to be a bit more vigilant about making sure you take your medication

- Fits a relatively good amount of medication, but depending on the size of the pills you take, may not fit all of them

This Folio sells for $24.99.  They have a larger version for $29.99.  These are a bit on the pricey side, but they really have a great design and are much better than the plastic job I used to have (see above). 

They have some other really cool pill holders, as well.    

For more information on Sabi products, visit

* Sabi was generous enough to provide two Folio cases free of charge, one for me and one for a lucky reader of my blog.  I also mentioned Sabi in my Some Of My Favorite (Chronically Ill) Things For This Holiday Season  post.   


  1. #chronic illness problems :)
    I have the pill case you had before, and I have had SO much trouble with it. I may have to save my pennies and get this one!

  2. That looks like a great idea and much nicer looking than the containers at the top. Nice accessories are such a big plus. My friend carries one of the plastic containers with a big elastic around it to keep it closed. One day in a restaurant she went to open it and the elastic operated as a slingshot. It shot over and hit the waiter and burst open. So embarrassing to her

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