Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting The Gears Moving In May

May is both Lupus and Arthritis Awareness month.  I don’t love these awareness months, as for me, awareness is 24/7/365 – in other words, every day of the year.  And while I know that these months are designed to make those healthy people around us aware, with my blog, I hope that I create awareness, again, every day of the week, every month of the year.

It’s also walk season, and I have various issues with these fundraisers.  I think it’s absurd to have lupus walks outside, when so many of us are photosensitive. 

But moving away from my critiques, one important thing to take from both the months and the walks is to get moving. 

This year, HealthCentral is doing a big push for exercise in May for Arthritis Awareness month.  Check out this awesome video of the RA writers exercising:

Because I had to video my workouts for HealthCentral, I made this video of myself kickboxing:

Regardless of your personal opinions about the awareness months and walks, a good lesson to take as the weather (finally) gets nice is to get up and get moving!


  1. Hello, this is the first time I have ever visited your blog, so I wanted to leave a comment for you. First off, I wanted to say congrats on creating such a great blog, my girlfriend is starting her own and it certainly takes some time and effort! However, I will admit that I had another purpose for leaving this comment today. Last month was Lupus Awareness Month, and I helped to put together an infographic in honor of this important event. While I tried to share it with as many people as possible over the course of May, there were of course many that I was just not able to reach during the month. So, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to reach out to some more people this month, because spreading awareness for this chronic autoimmune disease should be a year-round deal anyways. If you are interested then I invite you to check out my lupus awareness infographic and share it with others!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks to Stephen for taking the time to share this wonderful infographic! It is obvious that a lot of hours have gone into the creation of this work of art, and I believe that this is a great way to spread the word during Lupus Awareness Month. In particular, I had no idea that the 17th was Put on Purple Day, but I will certainly keep that in mind for next year. I was also very interested to see what the Lupus Research Institute was able to accomplish over the last year! I will certainly be looking to share your infographic with others this month. I would also like to invite you to check out an infographic I helped put together for Arthritis Awareness Month. After all, I don't think you can ever share too much information, especially when it comes to building awareness for chronic illnesses.