Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stopain Review*

In previous post, I reviewed a bunch of pain relieving creams, gels, etc.  If you are interested in hearing more about all of those, please read the following post.

Today I am talking about Stopain.

This is long overdue, and I apologize to the Stopain people for it taking me such a long time to post this. 

According to their website, “Stopain, [is] the #1 selling spray and roll-on in the topical analgesics category. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists for its immediate and long-lasting pain relief, Stopain provides temporary relief for minor muscle/back and joint pains.   

Although Stopain has been around since 1991, many people have never heard of the product.  I hadn’t until I was contacted by a representative of the company. 

The goal of Stopain, is, well, to stop pain!  And that’s what it does.

Stopain is a little less offensive smelling than Biofreeze or the CVS equivalent.  It still has a menthol scent, though, which I know can be off-putting to some.  I don’t have too much of a problem with it, as long as the product works.

It comes in gel, roll-on, and spray varieties.  I tried the spray one.  I have a feeling that maybe the other ones might be a bit more effective because there might be more direct contact, but at least the spray version keeps your hands clean. 

When I was in Chicago, off of Methotrexate and not yet on Humira, Stopain was a lifesaver.  And it has been helpful more recently in helping with the breakthrough pain I’ve been experiencing after my botched Humira injection.    

If you have tried other topical pain relievers, whether you’ve found relief, or not, you should definitely try Stopain.  But make sure to consult with your doctor before using to make sure that there are no contraindications that you should not use this type of product.

Stopain is a sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation, and some of the proceeds from the sale of Stopain products will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation.  Now that’s something that I can get behind.  How about you? 

You can “like” Stopain on Facebook ( and Twitter (, and have a chance to be entered into a sweepstakes. 

For more information, visit

* I received a free 4 oz. bottle of the Stopain spray version from Troy Healthcare, LLC.  However, the review presented here is solely based on my opinion of, and experience with, the product.

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  1. Stopain seems to be the answer to my prayers. I am not happy seeing my mom suffering from a lot of joint pains. I want her to live normally and normal does not include those heart wrenching grimace.