Sunday, January 15, 2012

Patients For A Moment: The Year In Review Edition (2011)

The theme for this edition of Patients For A Moment is: The year in review.

I posed the following question:

What is/are your favorite/best blog post(s) of 2011?

Participants in this edition had the option of either submitting a post they wrote sometime during 2011, or coming up with a summary piece of their major happenings of 2011.

And it seemed like nostalgia was a pretty popular theme:

Aviva from Sick Momma stepped up to the challenge of writing about the past year in the post Looking Back At 2011.  While she opens the post lamenting her lack of memory, I think she does a good job of sharing her journey over the last year with us.

Oh My Aches And Pains!’s Selena takes us on a ride through the posts that her readers found to be the most popular in the post A Year In Review: Some of My Best Posts from 2011.  I’d love to know how she got those statistics.

Kelly from Fly With Hope shares an important post that brings awareness to the taboo topic of Migraine And Suicide.  In her own words: “[This post] was my best post because it drew the Migraine community together and gave them a chance to discuss a difficult subject without shame. Though I've been blogging since 2008, this has been by far the most read post […] So that it was not just my voice, but the voice of a community speaking out and supporting each other.”

Megan G of Sticks And Stones shares a poignant post she wrote in September of 2011, I Hate Stairs, in which she laments some of the limitations that come with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Sometimes, it is Lupus’s Iris offers us a post she wrote in October of 2011 about not being able to wear high-heeled shoes as casualty of lupus.  In her own words: “Chronic illness affects all aspects of life - but sometimes it’s the ‘little’ things, like not being able to wear fabulous high-heeled shoes, that have the biggest effect.”  I’m sure many of us can relate to the post De Agony of De Feet.

Maria from My Life Works Today! shares a post that she wrote in August of 2011.  The post, Elevator Speech, explores the phenomenon of chronically ill spending a lot of time in elevators, and asks us to think about how this time can be an important part of our illness experience.  

Nip Pain in the bud & let your Soul blossom’s Shannon offers up two of her favorite posts from 2011.  The first is Turning the Kaleidoscope to Set Your Phoenix Free and the second is Faith Renewed by More than Coincidence.  A new edition to the blogosphere in February 2011, Shannon said of these two posts: “[T]hey really reveal what I’ve gone through in my chronic illness journey and also show how I have managed to overcome the darkest parts of my struggle and find hope.” 

Jamie from Chronic Migraine Warrior provides a nice summation of her year in the post

Although putting myself last here, I got things in motion with my post 2011: The Year In Review.  Although 2011 was a year I’d rather forget, I still tried to be reflective about both the good and the bad.

I’m also taking a bit of liberty here and am providing the links of a few of my favorite chronic illness bloggers that wrote “year in review” posts, but didn’t submit them themselves to PFAM.  So be sure, along with all the other great posts I’ve mentioned thus far, to check out Laurie’s (A Chronic Dose) post On New Year's and Kerri’s (Six Until Me) post Year In Review: 2011.

Thanks to all who participated in this edition.  It was great to have old friends and new-to-me bloggers join in the fun!

Patients For A Moment is now monthly as of this edition (January 2012).  The February edition will be hosted by Aviva at Sick Momma.  Look out for her announcement, and remember that each edition will go live on the 15th of each month. 


  1. These are some amazing stories! Thank you for including me among all these wonderful people's work.

  2. A fabulous edition of PFAM! Thanks for hosting, Leslie! (And keeping it going and all us bloggers in the loop!)

    This was just what I needed on a low-energy Monday! (Is that redundant? Seems like all my Mondays are low energy!)