Monday, March 14, 2011

A Singing Vlog: (Love Is) All She Has To Give

Yes, that’s right. A signing vlog. Me, on camera, singing. I wrote the poem that follows, and decided to put it to music, that is, a tune inside my head. And then I decided to record it and sing it for you all. I’ve been wanting to write or vlog about how I’ve been feeling, but really didn’t know how. So this poem really captures my life at the moment. So enjoy this rare treat of my tone deaf self.

(And sorry folks, but for this one, I had to leave my glasses on in order to read the poem I wrote)

(Love Is) All She Has To Give

She wakes up
Trying to face the world alone
Standing on two feet
Not knowing where to go

Her legs are short
But they carry her
Where she needs to go
Her hair is long
As long as the wind blows

She loved her boyfriend
And she loves her mom and her dad
She feels like love
Is all she has to give

Her brain is big
As big as the sky
Her heart is whole
And she holds her head up high

Her body is broken
But her spirit is strong

If there’s only one thing
In this world that she does
She feels like love
Is all she has to give

She feels like love
Is all she has to give

1 comment:

  1. Love is all anyone has to give, and the only true gift we really need to receive, on a daily basis preferably... keep singing :)