Monday, July 5, 2010

“Patients For A Moment” Is Here July 14th And More

I’ll be hosting the “Patients For A Moment” – a patient-centered blog carnival created by Duncan Cross – on July 14th.

Here is my questions for this edition, which your posts should be related to:

What have you done (or what do you aspire to do) in spite of illness?

So often we are told by various parties in our lives that we can’t or shouldn’t do things just because we are sick. What have you done in spite of illness? This includes victories big and small. Let’s celebrate all that we have accomplished!

If you would like to submit a post, e-mail the following to

Your name (as it should appear)
Your blog’s name
Your post’s title
Your post’s URL

And make sure you put “PFAM” in the subject line.

All submissions wishing to be considered should be received by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, July 11th.

Also, please note that I am taking over running Patients For A Moment from Duncan Cross. You can now “like” PFAM on Facebook, and I’ve also created a blogger site for the blog carnival at

I am in need of hosts for all upcoming issues, so please contact me if you are interested in hosting.

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  1. Hi Leslie,

    Very beautiful design. I haven't been here for awhile so not sure how new the change is, but it sure looks great.

    Thanks for all you do for the community.

    All the best to you.