Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I’ve been suffering from a case of what I will call “blogstipation.” I have plenty of ideas of what to write about, but I’m all plugged up. I sit down, and I’ll write a paragraph or two about a topic; but a few paragraphs does not a blog post make.

I guess I’m also feeling like the stakes are a bit higher these days. Almost every week, someone adds themselves as a follower to my blog (which is super exciting). But now that I have tangible proof that there are people out there that read my stuff, I don’t want to disappoint by posting le crap.

I have a lot of posts started, so it’s not like I have nothing. But a lot of them are written with the future in mind, a future that today seems to me to be the slightest bit uncertain.

As I sit here writing this, I’m inclined to hit the save button and walk away. I’m not sure what else to say, without wandering into areas that I’m trying to write about elsewhere. I’m not sure where I’m going with this…

Am I losing my edge?

I’ve been trying to find a “place” to write, which ironically seems to involve nature (and if you know me well, you know I am not the most outdoorsy person in the world). Doesn’t the above picture look nice? Hidden Lake Gardens. My boyfriend and I went there several weeks ago. I could really use my own hidden lake right about now. Need to find a place to write, need to find a place to write…

Anyway, there are a few things on the horizon. I may attempt to vlog, I took part in Jodi McKee’s Autoimmune Portrait Project, and I started volunteering at a local hospital. For now, though, I’ve got to power through the next week or so and finish teaching stats. Once I’m done with that, it’s time to work on my second preliminary examination, but I will definitely have more time, and hopefully more inspiration, when I’m not busy crunching numbers all the time.

Thanks for keeping on, even in my absence!

(Oh yeah, and I accidentally changed my blog layout, so I went with it.)


  1. Great picture! That looks like a relaxing place to visit.

    I, too, have numerous partially-written posts sitting in my drafts folder. It must be a phase people go through sometimes.

    The new layout is nice, too. Is the $$ tracker new? I don't remember seeing it before. And I hope that's total amount billed, not your out-of-pocket. Ouch!

  2. I say just relax and let it come when it does. Good for you working at a hospital as a volunteer. My hubs works at a hospital and they can never have too many hands especially in the summertime. When I struggle with trying to find a topic I generally take something that was important or significant from the day before or something I am looking forward too. Sometimes it helps but in all things, it's not full proof. Your doing just fine. Hugs. Tazzy

  3. I struggle a bit with what to post, and my frequency is dropping off a bit. But, really, the purpose of my blog is to get things out of my head, track my status and how I feel, and if someone is helped/amused in the meantime, that's a plus. (By the way, I like the blog change, even if it was inadvertant!)

  4. I like the new layout, Leslie. It's pretty and I love the color, but beyond that it's very readable and easy on the eyes.

    I don't think you're losing your "edge." I do think that as time passes, we have a little harder time posting frequently because we've already written about so many things and we don't want to start repeating ourselves or, god forbid, get boring. When that happens, it's perfectly all right to take a break for a while. While you do, maybe those posts you started but didn't publish will come alive for you.

    Glad that you're feeling better, generally, and glad you and your boyfriend found each other. Also, saw your Jody MCkee photo and interview. Excellent, both of them!

  5. hang in there! i'm sure the words will come when they are ready.

    and thanks for the portrait project shout out and for being a part of it!

  6. WarmSocks - The money tracker has been up for a few months. And thankfully, that is the total amount billed, not out of pocket!

    Jodi - You're welcome! And thank you!