Tuesday, April 21, 2009

“The ‘L’ Word”

As much as I hate it and it pisses me off sometimes, sometimes lupus can be useful.

For instance, when I am wigging out because of a failed relationship that my parents don’t know about, it’s just the lupus flaring.

When I’m feeling too emotionally drained to get off the couch because I feel like I’ve failed at life and I don’t want to go out, I tell my friends it’s just the lupus flaring.

When I’ve taken on too many commitments and am exhausted and in pain, it’s just the lupus flaring.

And most of the time it’s true, the lupus is flaring.

But when I meet a guy who seems interested in me, I have to wonder, how long do I wait before I drop the bomb?

Bones, joints, and muscles ache like I’m eighty years old. That’s a real turn on, huh?

Sometimes I get nauseous and dizzy for no reason at all. And my mind goes blank and I can’t even remember your name. That’s a real turn on, isn’t it? A girl who can’t even remember your name…

So before we can talk about to LOVE, let’s talk about LUPUS…

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