Tuesday, July 1, 2008

“Alone In The Kitchen With An Eggplant”

I wouldn’t normally do this, but my friend and a former teacher of mine, Jenni Ferrari-Adler, has a great book, “Alone In the Kitchen with an Eggplant”.

The book is a collection of stories about eating for one.

Jenni sent an e-mail letting her friends know that the book came out in paperback today.

It’s not as if Jenni’s relying on me for press. She’s been all over the place with this book and it has received some pretty great reviews.

I just figured that some of you might be tired of me talking about books about chronic illness. This one isn’t. But I think we can all relate to feelings of loneliness.

Plus, it’s a really great book.

So, check out Jenni’s website, http://aloneinthekitchen.com/ and, better yet, read the book (Jenni’s book on Amazon.com).

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