Thursday, August 15, 2013

Patients For A Moment: Social Media Edition

For the July/August 2013 edition of Patients For A Moment, I asked bloggers to talk about the influence of social media on their illness experience.  They could either write one statement in no more than 140 characters and explain it, write a post that had many statements in no more than 140 characters each, or answer the question, “How has social media impacted your illness experience?”  Any and all iterations of this were fair game, and there were some great responses:
The always entertaining Duncan Cross came up with a very creative “twitmeter” in relation to his IBD, and also discusses the importance of social media, in the post, “PFAM: Social Media”.  Duncan, I like how you think!

Sarah Bramblette, of Born2lbFat, in the post, “Healthcare and Social Media – Empowering Patients”, traces her social media evolution, and combines social media into her post.  Thanks, Sarah, I really enjoyed reading this!   

At My Brain Lesion and Me, Rhiann Johns talks about the positive experience she has had with social media and its ability to connect people even when in the throws of illness, in the post, “Social Media and the Chronic Illness experience”.  Thanks, Rhiann, for sharing!

Ms. Rants, of the blog, Chronic Rants, writes in the post, “Finding health solutions outside the doctor’s office”, about how social media has provided the answers to some questions that doctors have not been able to answer for her. Thanks for your post, Ms. Rants!
Thanks to all who submitted posts for this edition!

If you didn’t submit a post but have a related one, please feel free to link it in the comments – only related posts, though, please.

The next editions of PFAM will be September 15, 2013.

I am in need of hosts for the September, November, and December editions.  Please e-mail, if you are interested in hosting.  Or you can throw in your hat for the 2014 editions, as well. 

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